The Project „Absolut Analog Tirol“

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I have been photographing for several years now and have always tried to expand my knowledge and techniques of photography.
There are many ways to take a photo and create a picture. Through the digital image processing these possibilities were infinitely extended.
Also I have refined and changed my photos with this digital image processing, and exactly this lay my problem.
I noticed more and more that the craft of photography was behind the image processing, because just the image processing offered the possibility to change the image according to his wishes. „It wasn’t REAL & HONORABLE anymore

Do what, then?

My thoughts were:
How does one arrive at the honesty of an image?
What is necessary to make „REAL & HONEST“ pictures?
There I tanned myself to the beginnings of photography, where the craft of photography was still in the foreground, and so I renounced digital photography and started the project „Absolut Analog Tirol„.

I quickly realized that analog photography was very different from digital photography.
No trial photo and let’s have a look on the display.
NO, first think about it, set up the camera, set up the image, wait and think twice if you want to use the shutter release.

In short I had to learn a lot.

When I started to develop the film I noticed a change in my photography. I noticed that not all pictures are perfect but tell their own story.
A story that is „REAL & HONORABLE“.
Thank you
Christian Suban